turquoise Turquoise:
A Bridge Between
Heaven and Earth


I keep many crystals on my desk, and the ones I keep within easy rich are all light blue and blue-green stones. When I need a jump-start in writing or have a challenging email to write or phone call to make, I close my eyes and reach for one of them.

Some cheating is involved, because I know many of my crystals by touch. The one I most often pick is a Tibetan turquoise in tumbled stone form. It's not especially smooth in surface, having a matte texture, and it's more green than blue. I find it very calming.

I may like turquoise especially because it is my Sagittarian birthstone, and its qualities do much to stabilize the sometimes scattered energy of my sun sign. We can all use energy stabilizing, though, and turquoise can help in the important areas of grounding, day-to-day communication, and the advanced form of communication that is spiritual connection. Grounding

Some crystals provide primarily physical grounding. Turquoise, while it helps in physical stability, has far more effect on mental grounding. Nothing ungrounds one more than a clutter of thoughts on too many subjects. This kind of mental debris keeps us from identifying our most heartfelt goals and from taking the steps required for its realization.

This kind of erratic thinking is sometimes called "monkey mind," in acknowledgment of a monkey swinging from branch to branch. Turquoise helps to stabilize us so that we can mentally stay in one place and allow ourselves to be aware of our deepest wishes. Communication

Ultimately, we accomplish our goals out of our focus, clarity, passion, and determination. However, along the way, we often find that other people can help us. It helps our minds to be clear, which in turn allows us to communicate our desires to others and ask them to help us.

Many people have difficulty in asking others for assistance. Sometimes they don't feel they deserve help, a subject beyond the scope of this article. Often, though, people don't get the help they want because they don't communicate clearly what they want. They might ask someone to help move a few boxes when they really need the contents of an office moved. They might say, "I'd like help with this, but I know you're busy, so it's perfectly okay if you don't want to do it," effectively talking themselves out of the help they want.

Turquoise is believed to attune to one's personal energies and to reflect those energies. When the energy of your desires guides guiding and tempers your requests, you are more likely to be clear and persuasive.

This stone also helps us to tune in to the energies of others. With this awareness, you understand how others can benefit from the realization of your dream and how to enroll them in its fulfillment. Spirituality

The spiritual elements of turquoise incorporate its grounding, manifesting, and communication aspects. Found all over the world in places such as United States, Iran, Africa, Tibet, and China, this stone seems designed to both ground and elevate. Native people in the U.S. and those of Tibet hold it in particular reverence, both peoples believing that this crystal is a bridge between heaven and earth. Some Native cultures held the belief that by wearing it, the human mind becomes one with the universe.

On the level of creation, turquoise can help our dreams, which originate in spirit (heaven) travel to earth, where they can manifest. It is also believed in Native tradition that when turquoise is attached to a bow, the arrow fired will reach its target. We can use this as an analogy for the ability of turquoise to help us reach our goals.

The path of the soaring arrow also reflects the energetic connection between spirit and matter. And quiet as the whisper of the arrow flying through the air is the voice of our inner wisdom. As the best archers must find their inner centering and stillness in order to perform their art, so we have to stop and listen, be still, and be receptive to our deepest truths. Then our arrows of desire fly truly. A Turquoise Meditation

In any crystal meditation I like to place stones on each chakra. In this meditation, I've chosen translucent crystals that reflect light to draw in more energy to support the grounding nature of turquoise.

First Chakra: Smoky quartz is a light grounding stone that also connects the first chakra to the crown chakra. Thus it reinforces turquoise's ability to join heaven and earth.

Second Chakra: Carnelian, for me, has the most smoothly flowing energy of second chakra crystals. It activates primal creative energy to move through the chakras.

Third Chakra: Citrine is never a bad choice for this chakra, as it helps to release energetic blockages in the areas of personal power, abundance, and self-confidence.

Fourth Chakra: I recommend emerald. As most affordable emerald is opaque, it helps to ground the emotions associated with this chakra. It also helps to draw in the spiritual aspects of love, and a loving spirit never hurts when you want to ask someone for assistance.

Fifth Chakra: Your turquoise belongs here. To increase its energy, you might want to surround it with four small (they can be very small) quartz points.

Sixth Chakra: Amethyst's calming attributes relax the mind so that it can release its attachment to the daily concerns of life and slip into a more expansive reality.

Seventh Chakra: Clear quartz provides the most direct connection to spirit. Although you can use this crystal in any form, I especially like a small cluster.

Hold a quartz point in your dominant hand and rotate it counter-clockwise over each crystal, beginning with the first chakra. Breathe in and out deeply while you do so.

Once you have completed this, envision your goal. Don't get detailed. Imagine the end result and feel how it will feel to have it fulfilled. If you find that you are, instead, envisioning problems, focus entirely on your breathing. You might also want to say your own variation of the following affirmations:

Even if I don't understand how it's going to happen, I trust myself and the universe.

Even though I have some beliefs that keep me from fully envisioning fulfillment, I now choose to release these beliefs.

Then allow those beliefs and especially the associated emotions to arise. You might find yourself thinking, "I'm so afraid it won't happen." Follow that thought. Will you disappoint others? Will you feel embarrassed?

The more honest you can be about your emotions, the more you will learn about yourself-and the closer your dream's fulfillment will come.

Also important for this meditation, the more negative emotions and beliefs you can dissolve, the more clear you will be about your goal. This means you will be far more powerful and persuasive in enrolling the assistance of others.

To learn more about crystals and chakras, you can read about the course of the same name.

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