The Chakras:
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The Chakras:
A Practical Guide to Personal Growth
Abandonment Issues Healed
My Soul has taken me through many evolutionary stages, especially the previous five years. Of all those stages, one of the most significant experiences has been taking the Chakra Course. The knowledge gained from this course and the energy received from use of the crystals, flower essences and essential oils, brought healing to my life-long issue of "abandonment," thus bringing me peace. Looking back, I thought I was the one who "found out" about the Chakra Course, but it was my Soul that led me to it, for purposes of releasing blockages and bringing me to my next volutionary level. Thank you for facilitating this course and sharing all the powerful healing information. I would recommend the Chakra Course to anyone.
--Margo R. Allmaras
Finds Inner Peace
I have received, studied and made use of the materials on the 7 chakras. I want to thank you so much for your help in getting my feet started down this path. I feel this methodology to be extremely helpful. I have received more inner peace from the chakra work than any other program I have tried. Much more helpful than "conventional" medicine. If I'd listened to that I would have been on anti-depressants for the last number of years due to a stress related condition (fibromyalgia). By studying my chakras I feel, internally and externally, much happier and better. I even feel I have this stress related condition of mine on the run. I am sure this is a pathway I shall follow for the rest of my life.
--Stacy Hoos
Anxiety Levels Go Down
I have just completed the Chakra Course and I loved it! I signed up for the class as a way to help me decrease my anxiety level. It worked. By taking the time to really read about each chakra and think about my beliefs and issues related to it, it became clear to me that I had some blockages that I could work to address. What's the worst thing that could happen, I asked myself? Nothing. That would be the worst case scenario. I was blown away by the material on the first chakra. I could totally relate to issues associated with it! I ordered the chakra crystals to go along with the course and have had great fun learning about them too! I am feeling much better these days and am looking forward to my next course. Thank You!!!
Student's Appreciation for Others and Self Deepens

I feel more grounded and most of my daily activities helped me to understand the basic and innate balance required for an activated base chakra. I feel different. I have met new and pivotal people along my journey. I have also seen a deeper level to the people I already know which allows me to understand them more, to love them more, too. I have worked on myself and like the result.

I have more love for myself and honour my self and my undertakings more. I take the time not to overwork myself and even though there are things to be done, I allow time to heal. I am still in the process of learning more about myself but I am adapting to my new ways and self. My chores are not viewed as "chores" and I take care of my own self. Also, I can take care of my body and am not so afraid of the world anymore. I feel the world may not be ready for me!! I still may need to allocate a little more time for meditation and exercise but I'm getting there.

I'm taking baby steps but I'm growing stronger every day.

And...I like me, too! --Michelle Griffith

Work with First Chakra Inspires Urge for Healthy Food

I'm still working with the first chakra, and I have to say that in only one week my life improved quite a bit.

Ever since I started working with the first chakra, I literally despise fast-food, candys and chocolate bars. I have this urge to eat healthy and I like it. Now I eat a lot of grains and, more important, fruit and vegetables of which my diet lacked badly. I don't just feel more energized but I also notized that my whole metabolism responds very positively.

By the way, the meditation for the first chakra was incredible. I went to sleep after, holding the clear crystal point in my hand and I had very pleasant dreams and woke up rested and refreshed in the morning. So thank you for that.

--Claudia Richey
Lessons Reinforce Intuitive Wisdom

"I was rereading the material on the heart chakra last night and a few things I had done within the past two weeks came to mind:

  • purchased a pink button-down oxford (haven't had one since college in 1984)
  • planted pink/coral impatiens in window boxes at my apartment (which peek in at me) along with hanging an impatien living wreath I decided to put together for my door last weekend
  • cut bleeding hearts out of my garden for an arrangement I put together just before sitting down to read

So for me, the lessons point out that instinctively I seem to be moving in the right direction...and the lessons themselves confirm what I'm up to (but don't often recognize).

Basically, I just read and smiled.

So thank you very much!

--Richard Kidd

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